Everyday life involves decisions. Every decision is influenced by family, friends, the workplace, and probably, most importantly, by pop culture. How important is your decision? When do you speak your mind? If you consider yourself a free-thinking, decision-making person that matters – then you should vote! Acknowledging your right to vote is one thing, but actually making that decision and choosing who should be your next president is powerful.

Too often we hear, “I don’t vote”… “I’m not even registered to vote”… “Why vote? My vote doesn’t count”… Is this the state Americans have found themselves in? Does civic participation mean nothing?

Let’s look at the past few presidential elections:

According to the U.S. Elections Project, in 2000 54.2% of the eligible U.S. voting population turned out at the polls and made a decision. In 2004, the number rose to 60%, and in 2008 we hit a high of 61.6% of eligible Americans casting their vote.

Let’s put that into perspective… There are 312,742,309 people in the United States.  There are other countries in the world fighting for democracy and the right to vote and exercise their part of the decision-making process, yet in the U.S. we have taken this privilege for granted. We are all guilty at times of complaining about our government and those in Congress but, if you aren’t practicing your right to be part of the solution, we have failed at the very first step in our process: We have failed to take our decision to the polls.

PBA and Rock the Vote want you to get engaged and be part of the future of our democracy. Visit probeauty.org/advocacy for information and to get registered so you can participate in the upcoming 2012 elections.