The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is pleased to bring beauty distributors the first annual Distributor Executive Conference Wednesday, April 4, 2012, in Renton, Washington. This one-day conference will focus on topics relating directly to beauty distribution and will host well-known industry professionals who will speak on topics surrounding Manufacturer Relations, Diversion and Contracts, New Ideas/Practices From Other Industries, Best Practices and Technology in Distribution, Leadership Training for CEOs and Management, and Trend “Evolution” in Distribution.

Featured Speakers:

Max Wexler, Terry Cowan, Josh Hafetz, John Shakour, Renee Shakour, Bob Peel, Jr., Edwin Neill, Jim Marshall, John Maly

Discussion Topics:

Manufacturer Relations, Diversion and Contracts: Developing two-way, mutually beneficial relationships with your most strategic supply partners that deliver greater levels of innovation and competitive advantage than could be achieved by operating independently.  Discussing additional ways that distributors can help in the fight against diversion.  Finally, discuss ways that we can work towards better and more specific contracts with our manufacturers.

New Ideas / Partners / Practices From Other Industries: What are distributors in other industries doing that could be beneficial to Professional Beauty Product Distributors?  This topic will focus on the best practices, technologies and process of other industries and how they could be relevant to our Industry.

Best Practices and Technology in Distribution: Technology is changing faster than we can install it and it is used in every aspect of our business (warehousing, stores, sales consultants, offices, etc.).  So, how do we determine which products/software are going to fulfill our needs while still providing us with the most up to date and efficient technology for the longest period of time?  What are the best practices in each of the different segments of distribution and how we can implement them into our own business models.

Leadership Training for CEO’s and Management: We all take time to train our sales consultants, store managers, customer service staff and our warehouse staff but rarely do we take the time to train ourselves or our managers.  We will discuss what training is available as well as which options are the most beneficial and would have the most impact.

Trends “Evolution” in Distribution*:  The traditional model of third party distribution has changed dramatically over the past several years.  The business model that has worked for so many years needs to “evolve”.  We will focus on how distributors can modify their business strategy to accommodate the new world of distribution.