Team USA with trainer Manuel Rodriguez at ISSE Long Beach 2014.

Top hairdressers from around the world will gather in Frankfurt, Germany, May 3-5, 2014, for the OMC HairWorld Championships of Beauty. OMC HairWorld is a bi-annual international competition inviting the world’s most talented hairstylists to compete and test their creativity, skill, and ability to work under extreme pressure. PBA is the proud sponsor of OMC HairWorld Team USA.

In preparation for the three-day international showdown, PBA Team USA has relentlessly trained for months. The competitors who comprise the competition teams are highly focused, finessing the details of their styles in anticipation of show day. They all agree that there’s nothing like the thrill of competing.

This year, the USA will be represented by a Senior Technical and Senior Fashion team. In preparation for the 3-day international showdown, Team USA has been vigorously training and preparing to show off their skills.

Meet the team

Elena Basmova – Seattle, WA – Technical Team

Elena is a four-time Team USA competitor and is proud to have the opportunity to represent the USA once more. She believes the extensive HairWorld training has motivated her and she’s able to channel her ideas and inspiration into her everyday work.

Haeji Park – Los Angeles, CA – Technical Team

A two-time team USA competitor and 17-year industry veteran, Haeji loves competing in HairWorld. There she can further develop her skill and have the opportunity to meet other stylists from around the globe.

Nataliya Ilkiv – Chicago, IL – Technical Team

As a second generation HairWorld competitor, Nataliya grew up watching her mother, Lesya Ilkiv, train and compete for HairWorld. She’s been in the industry for five years and to her competing in such a prestigious event means she can express her creativity and passion for the career she loves.

“Being part of a team is an amazing journey that lets hairdressers around the world become one.” – Nataliya Ilkiv

Tatiana Kovanska – Los Angeles, CA  – Technical Team

Tatiana has been a cosmetologist for 21 years and is no stranger to competitions. A two-time Team USA competitor, she is honored to represent her country and compete for the first place title against the best in the industry.

Flora Paskalakis – Tarpon Springs, FL – Fashion Team

A three-time HairWorld competitor, Flora knows just how far hard work can take you. She has been in the industry for 25 years. Devoting countless hours to her team and having a chance to represent the USA along with her sister, Tina is and honor and privilege.

Katherine Hankenhoff – Tarpon Springs, FL – Fashion Team

Katherine has been in the industry for five years and has been working tirelessly to hone her skills and prepare for HairWorld. She feels the long hours of preparation and training have molded her into a stronger stylist, and she’s happy to be a part of such a great team.

Tangela Thomas – Chicago, IL – Fashion Team

Tangela has been in the industry for five years, and an aspiring stylist since the age of seven. She is honored at the chance to show the world her craft and passion for her career.

Tina Paskalakis – Tarpon Springs, FL – Fashion Team

Tina’s passion for competing began in 2001, not long after the start of her career. Now, her dream of being on Team USA has become a reality. She is thrilled to be among fellow stylists who share her passion for creative hair styling and from whom she can learn.

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