by Jon-David, Guest Contributor

Salon Success, like most large and small business’ success, depends on how well you understand and utilize internet marketing. After all, how do new clients find any service or business? The Internet!

If you have a salon, spa, or barbershop that is in the top 10 of a Google search, such as “best hair salon in Chicago,” I commend you. You are doing something right; or your clients are doing something right for you. Via Yelp,, or through clients tweeting about a particular stylist where you work, you might unconsciously be internet marketing already.

Your website pages, your Facebook posts and your Instagrams and Pinterest pictures might be attracting clients because what you say and the work you show is great. The beauty industry is a very visual business and it really helps to show as well as tell. Does your salon use Youtube or video of any kind to attract new clients? Short videos are easier than ever to make with Instagram and Vine.

There’s a lot to know about internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. It’s not really something that any established business, stylist or manicurist has been trained to do. There are “Social Media Managers” cropping up every day, and they promise to do all of your internet business and social media marketing for you. But here’s the catch: if you don’t understand what they do and how they do it, you may be throwing away your money.

Salon Success

Every salon and service industry professional is going to have to learn a little bit more about using the internet in the near future. Those salons that become proficient at internet marking may take your share of new clients looking for a new salon in online searches.

I believe the future of internet marketing and salon success with social media is going to be put in the hands of professional beauty brands. Just like how they teach “features and benefits” of their product lines to the salons that carry them, they will have to incorporate classes on Twitter, Facebook and Search Engine Optimization.

Imagine a world where each salon had 1000 Facebook Friends and 1000 Twitter Followers. And each of their staff 10 members had 500 friends on just one social media platform: Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, Tumblr, Linkedin or Twitter. Now imagine that every website page of the salon had something each staff member could share on Pinterest or Twitter etc. If the salon and each of its staff members posted or tweeted one page of that website, just once, the salon’s website would have the chance to be visited by half a million viewers.  And, if just one person of Facebook, Google+ or Twitter etc. re-posted any of those shares, that number goes up greatly. Bam! “The Salon in the Imaginary World” just climbed up the Google search engine ladder; especially if each page of the website was search engine optimized.

Professional Beauty Brands will be the Future of Internet Success for Salons & Spa.

In a Perfect World: What would happen if a professional brand, one that your salon carries, constantly gave your salon and your staff constant information about their products with links and pictures via social media? Your salon and your stylists would gladly email, Tweet, post, pin and +1 content like this to your clients because it’s great information for them to have. And how great would it be if the brand publicly thanked and promoted your salon back on social media platforms? That brand would attract new customers to the salon, and other salons/stylists, and expose their products exponentially via regular “social media conversations.”

I believe that the future education of salons and spas will land in the hands of the Professional Brands. Just as they teach cutting, styling, management and “features & benefits” with in-house trainers and guest experts, brands will be the ones to teach social media and internet marketing; once they understand it themselves.

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