The Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) main focus is on YOU – its member. The information and feedback you provide helps the PBA staff enhance the value of its offerings, craft better benefits and build stronger programs for all members to enjoy.

PBA has become a primary resource for legislators, businesses and the media to learn about the key issues facing companies in the beauty industry. There’s only one way to make sure that PBA represents and addresses the concerns and opinions of its members and that’s by asking.

That is why PBA is launching a segment entitled Member Microphone, a monthly column in PBA Progress that will include a short, topic-specific poll.

Here’s how it will work, each month we will ask PBA members to weigh in and provide input on various topics such as human resources, technology, social media and healthcare. The results of the poll will be shared with members the following month and a new poll on a different topic will be launched.

Monthly member polls help the association keep the pulse of businesses in the beauty industry. We encourage you to participate: Each poll will only have 3-5 questions and take less than 3 minutes to complete. Feel free to share the poll with others in the industry and make sure you check back each month to view the results. Click on the sidebar for this month’s short poll on Human Resources.

If you have a topic that you would like addressed please let us know by contacting Elizabeth Fantetti, PBA’s Membership Director, by phone at 480.455.3430 or email at