The annual Welcome to Our World has become the most popular event on Capitol Hill and a tradition in Washington, D.C. Salon professionals from across the country converge on the Capitol to share an evening with Members of Congress, professional staff, and those interested in learning more about a committed group of individuals representing a dynamic industry.

Help Educate Law Makers on What Our Industry is About

Industry professionals are dedicated to upholding safety standards to protect consumers and raise perceptions of our profession through the support of sustained licensing of professionals.

Throughout their education, licensed professionals study skin and scalp care, anatomy, biology, chemistry, and science-based infection control. Licensed professionals are trained to utilize chemicals and tools safely to avoid injuries and the spread of infectious diseases.

Beauty professionals complete hundreds of hours of schooling to learn about proper safety and sanitation procedures, graduate from a cosmetology program, and successfully pass a state board exam to become licensed. Unlicensed and untrained people practicing cosmetology put the public at serious safety risks.

Learn more about how our industry is protecting licensed professionals and the health and safety of our clients at

Be Part of the Movement

Join your colleagues in Washington D.C. for your chance to tell our country’s elected officials what’s important to you and the future of the industry.

All beauty professionals are invited to participate in Welcome to Our World. We need volunteers to continue to make this event successful. If you can contribute your time and skills, or are a manufacturer/distributor who would like to donate products and tools, contact

Welcome to Our World is a Professional Beauty Federation (PBF) event. PBA is a proud member of PBF. Learn more at