Do you know how much your business is paying for credit card transactions and other payment-processing services? Most salon owners and managers don’t know the answer to this all-important financial question. Fortunately, Solveras Payment Solutions, PBA-preferred benefit provider for the past three years, can help you find the answer.

Much more than just a payment-processing service, Solveras offers a full suite of payment-processing products, including ACH/eCheck, remote-deposit capture, and the ability to collect recurring payments through Solveras SmartPay™, its state-of-the-art web-based payment portal.

Solveras provides concise, simple-to-understand monthly statements and doesn’t engage in the practice of “daily discounting”, subtracting the discount from payments each day and depositing only the amount left over into your bank account. Solveras deposits the entire amount processed on a daily basis and the amount you owe for processing isn’t deducted until the end of the month — a distinction much appreciated by bookkeepers.

Through its partnership with Trustwave, Solveras helps business owners, and anyone who accepts credit card payments, become Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant, a must for merchants accepting credit cards to avoid stiff fines and/or loss of the ability to take cards. All while providing the best, most attentive customer service in the industry.

To learn more about payment-processing solutions that can save your business time and money, fax three months of your merchant statements to Solveras to receive a free, confidential, no obligation analysis in writing within 24 hours.  Solveras’ trained team of account executives understands the unique challenges of the salon industry and will work hard to find ways to lower costs. In fact, Solveras saved an average of $1,475 per year for more than seven out of ten businesses that underwent the free analysis and switched to Solveras in 2010.

Fax three merchant statements to Solveras at 800.297.3405 or call 800.613.0148 and ask for your free savings analysis. Learn more at

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