ALASKA S.B. 188 - License (Cosmetology)

Sponsor: Senator Dennis Egan (D)

Summary: Establishes a Board of Massage Therapists. Requires the Board to provide:

1. An examination of applicants by the Board or through a nationally recognized competency examination approved by the Board and issue licenses to applicants the Board finds qualified.
2. Adopt regulations governing licensing of massage therapists and the practice of massage therapy.
3. Establish standards of professional competence and ethical conduct for massage therapists.
4. Establish standards for continuing education for massage therapists; standards adopted by the Board must allow for approval of Internet-based continuing education courses.
5. Determine which states have educational and licensing requirements equivalent to the requirements of this state.
6. Approve one or more nationally recognized competency examinations and publish and periodically update the list of approved examinations.

Requires the Board to issue a license to practice massage therapy to a person who:

1. Furnishes evidence satisfactory on the Board that the person has completed a course of study of at least 500 hours of in-class supervised instruction and clinical work from an approved massage school.
2. Is 18 years of age or older.
3. Has been fingerprinted and has provided the fees required by the Department of Public Safety for criminal justice information and a national criminal history record check.
4. Has successfully completed a nationally recognized competency examination approved by the Board.

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Status: Introduced and referred to Labor and Commerce Committee 2/21/2014. Failed upon adjournment 4/26/2014.

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