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State Legislation Update

CONNECTICUT S.B. 985 – License (Cosmetology)

CONNECTICUT S.B. 985 – License (Cosmetology) Sponsor: Joint Committee on Labor and Public Employees Summary: States the Department of Public Health a Connecticut Examining Board for Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmeticians may adopt recommendations for minimum standards of apprenticeship and for related and supplementary instruction, encourage registration…

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CONNECTICUT H.B. 6768 – Cosmetology Education

CONNECTICUT H.B. 6768 – Cosmetology Education Sponsor: Joint Committee on Higher Education and Employment Advancement Summary: Current version (3/5/2015):  Makes changes to the definition of “postsecondary career school” to include a hospital-based occupational school, hairdressing school and barber school for reasons of licensure. Click Here…

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CONNECTICUT H.B. 6286 – License

CONNECTICUT H.B. 6286 – License  Sponsor: Representative Daniel Fox (D) Summary: Enables barbers and hairstylists licensed in another state or country who seek a license to work as a barber or hairdresser in Connecticut to receive some benefit in the licensing process for having an…

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