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State Legislation Update

ILLINOIS H.B. 4264 – Cosmetology Education

ILLINOIS H.B. 4264 – Cosmetology Education Sponsor: Representative Frances Ann Hurley (D) Summary: States that a program of study for an individual seeking licensure as a barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, hair braider or nail technician must include both domestic violence and sexual assault education. Requires that for a program of…

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ILLINOIS S.B. 454 – License

ILLINOIS S.B. 454 – License Sponsor: Senator Scott Bennett (D) Summary: Current version (4/24/2015):   Repeals the current statute that requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to deny any application for licensure or renewal by a person who has defaulted on an educational…

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ILLINOIS H.B. 3655 – License

ILLINOIS H.B. 3655 – License  Sponsor: Representative Daniel Burke (D) Summary: Current version (4/17/2015):  Allows an individual to become certified as an eyelash technician upon application to the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, completion of an eyelash extension application training program and payment of the…

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ILLINOIS H.B. 3545 – License

ILLINOIS H.B. 3545 – License  Sponsor: Representative Mark Batinick (R) Summary: Amends the Regulatory Sunset Act. Extends the repeal of the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding, and Nail Technology Act of 1985 from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2026. Amends the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics,…

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ILLINOIS H.R. 111 – Cosmetology Education

ILLINOIS H.R. 111 – Cosmetology Education Sponsor: Representative LaShawn Ford (D) Summary: Encourages the Illinois Workforce Investment Board to add cosmetology programs, including barber and beauty schools, to its list of programs eligible to receive grants from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Click Here…

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ILLINOIS H.B. 1424 – License

ILLINOIS H.B. 1424 – License  Sponsor: Representative Robert Rita (D) Summary: Final version (5/13/2015): Adds hair braiding to the practices for which the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation may require licensure. Establishes that the expiration date, renewal period and conditions for renewal of each license…

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