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State Legislation Update

Mississippi H.B. 144 – Chemical Bans/Restrictions

MISSISSIPPI H.B. 144 – Chemical Bans/Restrictions Sponsor: Representative Bob Evans (D) Summary: Restricts manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers from selling or distributing children’s products that contain lead, cadmium or phthalates. Restricts “Lead” amounts to 0.009 percent by weight, 90 parts per million. Restricts “Cadmium” amounts to…

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Mississippi S.B. 2151 – Cosmetology Education , License (Cosmetology)

MISSISSIPPI S.B. 2151 – Cosmetology Education , License (Cosmetology) Sponsor: Senator Dean Kirby (R) Summary: Revises cosmetology licensure law. Requires 600 hours to be completed in an accredited school of cosmetology before taking the cosmetology examination to secure a cosmetology license. Stipulates that all schools…

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Mississippi H.B. 1068 – Cosmetology Education

MISSISSIPPI H.B. 1068 – Cosmetology Education Sponsor: Representative Charles Young (D) Summary: Revises the term “school” to include a secondary or post-secondary school operated for the purpose of teaching cosmetology. Revises admittance terms for students in all schools of cosmetology to include only admitting students…

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Mississippi H.B. 1279 – State Boards of Cosmetology

MISSISSIPPI H.B. 1279 – State Boards of Cosmetology Sponsor: Representative Becky Currie (R) Summary: Creates a State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering to regulate the practices of cosmetology and barbering in Mississippi. Adds the name “State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering” to existing provisions of…

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