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State Legislation Update

MISSOURI H.B. 2528 – Cosmetology Education

MISSOURI H.B. 2528 – Cosmetology Education Sponsor: Representative Lyndall Fraker (R) Summary: Stipulates that regarding the publication of the Missouri Manual, commonly knows as the Blue Book, the Secretary of State will publish 5,000 copies of the manual in addition to an electronic version that…

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MISSOURI H.B. 2254 – Cosmetology Education

MISSOURI H.B. 2254 – Cosmetology Education Sponsor: Representative Caleb Jones (R) Summary: Requires that to be classified as a “hair braider” an individual must earn a minimum of fifty hours or equivalent credits of classroom training before the student may perform any acts of hair…

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MISSOURI H.B. 1557 – License

MISSOURI  H.B.  1557  –  License  Sponsor: Representative Tila Hubrecht (R) Summary: Allows employees of nursing homes to provide cosmetology services to their residents. Click Here for Full Text of Bill Status: Filed 12/1/2015. Introduced 1/6/2016. Referred to House Emerging Issues Committee 1/12/2016.  Hearing held 1/20/2016. Failed upon…

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MISSOURI H.B. 1770 – License

MISSOURI H.B. 1770 – License  Sponsor: Representative Shamed Dogan (R) Summary: Stipulates that no person shall engage in the practice of hair braiding without first registering with the Missouri Board of cosmetology. Defines “Hair Braider” as any person who, for compensation, engages in the practice…

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