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State Legislation Update

Missouri H.B. 2198 – Chemical Bans/Restrictions , License (Cosmetology)

MISSOURI H.B. 2198 – Chemical Bans/Restrictions , License (Cosmetology) Sponsor: Representative Jeffrey Justus (R) Summary: Allows a person to comb, braid and curl hair without a cosmetology license provided they conduct the practice without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Click Here for Full Text…

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Missouri House Bill 1891 – Deregulation of Cosmetology

MISSOURI H.B. 1891 – License (Cosmetology) Sponsor: Representative Nick Marshall (R) Summary: Provides that a person may engage in the occupation of cosmetology or operate an establishment or school of cosmetology without a license. Specifies that any person not licensed to engage in the occupation…

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