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RHODE ISLAND S.B. 1031 – License

RHODE ISLAND S.B. 1031 – LicenseĀ  Sponsor: Senator Marc Cote (D) Summary: Makes an exception to the requirement that an applicant for a license to engage in barbering, hairdressing, cosmetic therapy, manicuring or esthetics be a high school graduate, or hold the equivalent designation, if…

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RHODE ISLAND H.B. 6280 – License

RHODE ISLAND H.B. 6280 – LicenseĀ  Sponsor: Representative Arthur Corvese (D) Summary: Current version (6/18/2015): States that violations of existing law relating to the practice of barbering, hairdressing, manicuring, cosmetology or esthetics will be subject to a fine not less than $200 for a first…

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RHODE ISLAND H.R. 5147 – License

RHODE ISLAND H.R. 5147 – License Sponsor: Representative Arthur Corvese (D) Summary: Extends the reporting and expiration dates of the special legislative commission to study the feasibility and regulations necessary to implement approval inspections for barbershop, hairdresser, and cosmetician locations and apprenticeship programs from February…

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