NEW JERSEY A.B. 3083 – Chemical Bans/Restrictions

Sponsor: Assemblymember Patrick Diegnan (D)

Summary: Prohibits the production, manufacture, and sale of all personal cosmetic products containing microbeads. States under the provisions of the substitute, the timeline phasing out the production, manufacture and sale of microbead-containing personal care products in the State is as follows: by January 1, 2018 – no person may produce or manufacture a personal care product containing synthetic plastic microbeads, except for an over the counter drug; by January 1, 2019 – no person may: sell or offer for sale or promotion a personal care product containing synthetic plastic microbeads, except for an over the counter drug; or produce or manufacture an over the counter drug that contains synthetic plastic microbeads; by January 1, 2020 – no person may sell or offer for sale or
promotion an over the counter drug containing synthetic plastic microbeads.

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Status: Introduced 3/27/2014. Referred to Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee 5/8/2014. Hearing held; passed with substitute 9/18/2014. Passed Assembly 9/29/12014. Referred to Senate Commerce Committee; hearing held; passed 10/9/2014. Substituted for companion; passed Senate; sent to Governor Chris Christie (R) 10/23/2014. Conditionally vetoed by Governor Christie; received in Assembly 12/11/2014.

Outlook: This measure was conditionally vetoed be Governor Chris Christie (R). In his veto message, Christie’s said “the bill’s penalties would have unintended consequences on small businesses.” Governor Christie also recommended that it be made clear that the penalties “may be pursued only by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection, and not private parties.” The measure will be returned to the chamber of origin with recommendations from the Governor. A two-thirds vote is necessary to override a veto.

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