NEW YORK A.B. 8744 – Chemical Bans/Restrictions

Sponsor: Assemblymember Robert Sweeney (D)

Summary: Current version (4/30/2014) A.B. 8744-A: Prohibits the manufacture, distribution and sale of personal care products or cosmetics containing microbeads. Allows personal cosmetic products that are regulated as a drug by the United States Food and Drug Administration may be sold or offered for sale until January 1, 2017.

Click Here for Full Text of Bill (Current Version A.B. 8744-A)

Status: Introduced; referred to Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee 2/11/2014. Meeting held; passed committee; referred to Assembly Codes Committee 2/26/2014. Off the Floor meeting held; passed; referred to Assembly Ways and Means Committee 3/4/2014. Amended 4/29/2014. Passed Assembly; referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee 5/5/2014.

Companion Bill: 2014 S.B. 7018

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