See what 2 talented students did to win their spot at Beacon and how Beauty Week changed their lives!

Becky Kahn - Suprise, AZ

Beacon made me think outside of the box and come up with a concept that would work for my always-changing military spouse lifestyle. Appling and winning Beacon has changed my life.

I am Rebecca Kahn, a proud United States Air Force Spouse and a Future Professional from Paul Mitchell The School Phoenix. I created A Pink Heart as my Beacon Project.

A Pink Heart is a new non-profit organization and an award of service for military spouses, recognizing their generous contributions. Spouses of Deployed, TDY (Temporary duty), or remote tour service members are pampered in a salon, so they maintain or regain their strength, and build their self-confidence through complementary beauty treatments to help get through the separation.

With a motto of "Nothing is impossible to a determined heart" and the gift of self-confidence A Pink Heart is the award that everyone can benefit form.

Winning Beacon and attending the Beacon seminar in Las Vegas opened my eyes to a new side of the industry not only from a business and creative aspect but also from a personal side by giving me the tools and confidence to reach for my goals and dreams. Knowing that, "Nothing is impossible to a determined heart." Beacon made my dream a reality!

To find out more information about A Pink Heart, find out how you can be a part of it and to read our story on our blog please visit

Brittney Yabs - Los Angeles, CA

At first I was hesitant about entering a nationwide competition. What were my chances of winning amongst many talented student stylists? I started working on my before and after photos and quickly became discouraged. I didn't know where to start or where my vision would end, but my passion for styling kept me pushing on. I made a website from scratch and knew nothing about graphic design. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't be up to Beacon standards, but encouragement from friends, family and instructors kept me thinking positive. Once all of my work was submitted I felt refreshed and satisfied. I'm very glad I didn't back out of entering Beacon because I would have never known the potential I had and where it would lead my future.

My experience at Beacon was defiantly one that will be unforgettable. This was the first time I had ever taken a trip anywhere. Coming from a small town in Michigan, I had never traveled growing up or had the chance to do anything out of the ordinary. Getting to my first session at Beacon I was in awe. The atmosphere, talent and stylists that were surrounding me made me feel so grateful to be a part of Beauty Week. I was given the opportunity to meet stylists who are very inspiring to me such as Vivienne Mackinder, Geno Stampora, and Charles Marcus. The passion I have for styling grew so much more while being at Beacon. The NAHA awards were amazing and it was unlike anything I can explain. At the after party I was rubbing elbows with Award winning stylists. It was so exciting. This is such a good educational, networking, and fun experience. I encourage everyone who is even considering entering Beacon to just try. Push yourself to exceed what you think is your full potential is and you will be surprised at what you can do.

Once I came home from Beacon, I had a new sense of drive. I was more determined and inspired than ever to achieve my goals in life. Nothing could stop me now. I have recently been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and have re-located to Los Angeles, CA. My dream is to become an editorial stylist for catwalks and photo shoots doing hair, makeup, and wardrobe, working with the fashion and entertainment industries. Beacon was a stepping stone to turn me in the right direction for my future. It is so surreal to me that I am here, living my dreams and pushing towards great success. The stories I heard and the people I met were key to my accomplishments. I wouldn't have been so driven without being a part of Beacon. It taught me you can do anything that you push yourself to do. Now I am starting a new life that is unlike anything I could ever imagine and I have everyone who was a part of Beacon to thank for that.