For the third installment of the I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed. interview series, the focus is on the state of Missouri. As a 30 year industry veteran, Aleta Barry recognizes the importance of a regulated industry better than most. This month, Aleta shares her thoughts on deregulation.

Why is it important to be licensed as a professional?      

It’s important to obtain a state license because it signifies that a client is in hands of a professional. Your operator, whether it’s a stylist, barber, nail tech, or esthetician not only have your hair, nails, or skin in their hands but your health and safety as well.

What would the industry look like if licenses were taken away?
I imagine MRSA, Staph infections, head lice, and many other diseases would be released onto the general public because of lack of sanitation and sterilization knowledge.

Why do you think it’s important for your clients to know you are licensed (and proud to be)?     
I want my clients and the public to know that they are in the good hands of a professional who has been state appointed and approved.

What is your favorite thing about working in the beauty industry?  
I love what I do, and I love the clients. I am always open to challenges and learning new things. After thirty years in the industry, I still love and enjoy every aspect of it.

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Important news for Missouri residents

Missouri House Bill 1891 has been introduced in the state legislature. This bill would completely deregulate the cosmetology and barber industries in the state. Head over to the PBA Government Advocacy Blog to learn more about this threat to the industry and how you can take a stand.

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