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Members Only Benefits:

Use your Wella Global Elite Points to pay for your PBA Membership!
Ask your Wella Representative or contact Global Elite at 800.583.5422.

PBA Membership allows you to capture up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, gain exposure to thought leaders, discover proven best practices, connect with colleagues and make new contacts.


Business memberships offer 5 different investment levels depending upon the number of employees a company wants to extend benefits to. An employee that is tied to the company's member record and is identified as an individual that receives member benefits is known as a Benefit Recipient. The investment levels are as follows:

  • Emerging Business Membership: $175 for 1-3 Benefit Recipients
  • Small Business Membership: $500 for 4-15 Benefit Recipients
  • Mid-Size Business Membership: $1,500 for 16-35 Benefit Recipients
  • Large Business Membership: $5,000 for 36-50 Benefit Recipients
  • Corporate Business Membership: $10,000 for an unlimited number of Benefit Recipients and additional corporate branding opportunities
The Primary Contact for the membership is the person that manages the membership record for the member company. The Primary Contact for the member company is responsible for identifying the company's Benefit Recipients and has the ability to vote for, and be elected to serve on, the Advisory Council for the membership section that the Business has identified as their primary role in the industry.

Benefit Recipients can only be modified within the first 30-days of the membership term; they cannot be changed or removed until the membership is renewed.



Exhibiting Member Benefits

  • 300 lbs. of free drayage
  • PBA member tile to display in booth
  • Small Package up to 50lb @ $5 per carton
  • 10% Discount on GES installation and de-installation labor
  • VIP "Empties" Carton Storage Area at CPNA only
  • Preferred pricing on sponsorship opportunities at events, conferences, and programs





Free subscriptions to:

Networking / Business Development

Benefits are subject to change without notice


Membership dues in the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) are considered earned upon receipt and are non-refundable.
The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and its affiliates do not mail internationally.
All collateral and membership information will be mailed to US and Canada members only.