PBA Members Claim Event Tickets
PBA members enjoy tickets to a number of industry events.
Ticket benefits vary depending on the type of membership you hold.

Claim Event Tickets

To claim your PBA Member Tickets follow these easy steps:

  • PBA Membership must be active on the date(s) of ticket purchase to receive ticket(s) benefit.
  • For IBS/IECSC Member tickets, there is a minor delay between systems. Please allow up to 2 business days for the registration system to refresh after joining/rejoining PBA.
  • Visit the website of the particular event you want to attend
  • Click the link to purchase tickets
  • Proceed to the PBA Member Registration page
  • Input the email used for log-on to the PBA Website and your PBA Member Ticket Discounts will automatically be applied plus you save money on paid education classes at all PBA Signature Events
  • Please note, E-members are NOT eligible for discounted admission to industry events.

Individual & Student Members

PBA Individual and Student Members enjoy discounted admission to these annual industry events:

Business Members

Benefit Recipients of PBA Business Memberships enjoy discounted admission to these annual industry events:

PBA Business Memberships also receive exhibiting benefits:
  • Ability to exhibit at ISSE Long Beach
  • 300 lbs. of free drayage
  • Small packages up to 50lb @ $5 per carton
  • 10% discount on GES Installation and De-installation Labor
  • PBA Member Tile to display in booth
  • VIP "Empties" Carton Storage Area at CPNA only
  • Ability to participate in PBA's Member-to-Member Program at ISSE only


  • Member discounts may not be combined with any other discounts
  • Up to 50% discount off non-member rates
  • Members must comply with licensing requirements for each event to be eligible for entry
  • Memberships must be activated by 6pm EST on Wednesday, September 20, to be eligible for IECSC Florida ticket benefit.
  • PBA Member Tickets will not be issued to IBS/IECSC (NON-PBA) Events after 11:59pm EST the day before the show opens.
  • Discounted admission to IECSC Chicago is not included
  • The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and its affiliates do not mail internationally. All collateral and membership information will be mailed to US and Canada members only.