PBA Compensation Guide

PBA Compensation Guide

Salon compensation has evolved over the years with varying types of wage offerings that can be quite confusing at first glance. PBA has chosen to highlight the most common compensation models including straight commission, commission with service charges, team based pay, salary and salary plus commission. While not technically a form of compensation another viable business model is becoming a booth renter/independent contractor. Included in the Compensation Guide are important facts and information that are needed when considering booth rental as a business/employment type.

PBA's Compensation Guide has been developed as a resource for understanding some of the compensation options and models many salons and spas are using. It has been designed as a reference tools to assist the reader in determining which type of salon/spa business model would be most appropriate for him/her and to increase the basic understanding of salon/spa operations.

It is also our intention, through the Guide, to provide industry professionals with information to help them make informed decisions to fit their long term goals. Each salon and spa should make its own decision about what model, or combination of options, best fits its specific circumstances. There is no industry "norm" or formula.


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