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Average to Iconic - The 3 Secrets to Being a Great Speaker


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Average to Iconic - The 3 Secrets to Being a Great Speaker

76% of the population has a fear of public speaking but almost every career path requires it! Beauty Industry professionals must have excellent communication when working with clients, participating in meetings, educating or presenting on stage.

Learn the 3 secrets that will take you from Average to Iconic while powerfully communicating your message.

The Professional Beauty Association is proud to partner with Bonnie Bonadeo of Naked Audience Productions to deliver a webinar with the following outcomes:

  • Emotionally connect with others while speaking
  • Overcome your fears and donít get hijacked
  • Why and how to develop your own brand

This 30 minute web event will change how you think about and feel about public speaking.

This webinar was adapted from the Naked Audience Productions' 3-day Certification Training Program, "Stages".

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