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Booths & Budgets: The Cost of Exhibiting


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Booths & Budgets: The Cost of Exhibiting

Whether you’re a veteran manufacturer with years of trade shows under your belt or a novice who’s new to the game; setting reachable budget goals for your trade show presence is a vital part of exhibiting. Frank Cacciato,
CEO of Katherine Frank Creative is determined to help you avoid the common pitfalls of designing your first- or
next- booth space.

Booths And Budgets: The Cost of Exhibiting will address the following topics:
  - How individual trade show goals impact booth style and design
  - What are the hidden costs associated with exhibiting?
  - Managing expectations: What can you really afford?
  - Preparation for a meeting with a booth design company- what questions should you ask to ensure success?

Join our 60 minute, high-energy webinar to ensure your next booth reinforces your brand, supports your goals
and meets your budget!

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