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Grow Your Sales Through Consultative Selling


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Grow Your Sales Through Consultative Selling

Distributor Sales Consultants have a tremendous opportunity to grow their businesses in today’s economic climate. With just a few modifications to your current sales process, you will find your customers are more anxious to buy than you are to sell! By shifting from a product transaction orientation to a customer focus, you will build stronger relationships while significantly growing sales.

Join Dirk Beveridge, President and CEO of 4th Generation Systems, for a 60 minute web event designed to deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify your sales strengths & weaknesses
  • Engage your customers in meaningful dialog
  • Differentiate yourself beyond product & price
  • Grow your sales and your commissions!

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This webinar presenter is an author who has published works in tandem with the National Association of Wholesale-Distributors (NAW). PBA members receive discounts on publications, education and business services offered through NAW .