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Hiring Manufacturer Reps | Make an Informed Decision


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Hiring Manufacturer Reps | Make an Informed Decision

The decision to employ manufacturer representatives is a big one with various factors to consider. Manufacturers are often nervous about “outsourcing” their sales and market development and have concerns that range from how to evaluate rep groups down to how to establish goals with their new reps. Join the Professional Beauty Association and Harlan Kirschner, CEO of the Kirschner Group, for a web event that will address these concerns, frequently-asked questions and the top considerations you may be overlooking when it comes to employing independent sales agents.

Topics covered during this 45 minute web event include:

  • How to determine if your company is ready to work with professional sales partners
  • The benefits and challenges
  • How to evaluate the values and services different companies offer
  • Compensation models
  • Best practices for successful utilization of your reps

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