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History of Hairdressing


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History of Hairdressing

Can you imagine an artist who is unfamiliar with the works of Salvador Dali? What about an architect who never studied Frank Lloyd Wright? Professionals in all industries study the history of their craft as part of their education and as an expression of their passion. Hairdressers, too, should know the history of their industry!

Join Ryan Teal, award-winning salon owner, session and stage artist, and passionate teacher as he shares a broad history of hairdressing dating back to 1907. Ryan will work his way through the ages, entertaining webinar attendees with stories and accounts leading up to contemporary artists. Attendees will learn:

- Who shaped our industry and what were their contributions?

- How do the hairdressing masters continue to inspire our craft?

- How to identify fads, trends and movements.

Draw a deeper connection with your craft by learning about those who came first. Ryan's class is designed to inspire and educate. Register for PBA's one-hour web event today!

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