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An Insider's Guide to NAHA - Part 1


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An Insider's Guide to NAHA - Part 1

In this session we illuminate the benefits of entering NAHA as presented by Michael Shaun Corby and Mary Brunetti, NAHA’s first female Hairstylist of the Year. Listen as our panelists discuss everything from the rich history of NAHA, the opportunities that emerge from a NAHA win and NAHA’s exciting future!
(60 minute session includes “sneak peak” of sessions 2 & 3 and an opportunity to join the conversation!)

Michael Shaun Corby | Global Creative Director, Alterna Professional Haircare
Mary Brunetti | Director of Education, Sally Hershberger Salons

Additional series information:
Known fondly as “the Oscars of hair,” the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is the preeminent photographic hairstyling competition in the US and is renowned internationally. Placing as a NAHA finalist can forever alter the course of your career. In fact, just entering NAHA can reignite your passion for the industry, enhance your technical skills and help you forge lasting professional relationships. The Professional Beauty Association (producers of NAHA) and Hollywood’s favorite hairstylist, Michael Shaun Corby have developed a 3-part web series to introduce NAHA to emerging stylists and first-time entrants. Join a single session or attend all three to get an insider’s perspective on how to successfully enter NAHA.

An Insider’s Guide to NAHA – Part 2
An Insider’s Guide to NAHA – Part 3

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