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Kickoff Your Salon's Male Client Traffic with Ivan Zoot


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Kickoff Your Salon's Male Client Traffic with Ivan Zoot

"Kickoff Your Salon's Male Client Traffic," with Ivan Zoot of Andis Company. This is the second webinar in the Professional Beauty Association's Meet the Educator web series, presented by BeautyU.

It is third and goal at the seven yard line. Can your team score? Football makes a powerful metaphor for business and team success. It is time to put more points on the board in men's salon services and sales.

Andis Company's Director of Education and Training, Ivan Zoot shares his program on building your salon's male traffic and sales through a powerful football-based sports analogy that everyone can relate to.

This exciting program will provide you and your staff with a lot to cheer about. You will return to your salon armed with the play book that will allow you to recruit more male clients, score big points in customer satisfaction and position your entire team to become MVP's.

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