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Salon Success Series - Session 2: Leading Total Team Engagement


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Salon Success Series - Session 2: Leading Total Team Engagement

This webinar is the second in a three part series based on PBA’s landmark study, Business of Beauty: Maximize Your Profitability.

Salon owners are called upon to rally their teams, inspire greatness, and generate excitement around retailing on a daily basis. This session explores how you can successfully lead your team to make the changes required to increase retail sales while balancing the other components of your business.

- discover the key ingredient to motivation.

- remove the barriers to retail recommendation.

- explore consultation scripting and questioning around retail

- create a plan to implement the 8 steps to retail success.

- explore the power of service provider performance goals to illustrate greater opportunities.

- learn a simple 3-step model to train and coach retail conversations.

Salon Success Series Session 1: Developing Culture

Salon Success Series Session 3: Incentives

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