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Not in My Salon | Best Practices for Ethical Nail Salon Management


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Not in My Salon | Best Practices for Ethical Nail Salon Management

Nail salons across the United States are finding themselves under increased scrutiny in light of the recent New York Times’ story detailing illegal employee conditions in a few select New York City salons. With over 17,000 nail salons in the U.S., business models and employee relations vary, and most salons are operating ethically. To help educate industry professionals The Professional Beauty Association has partnered with Tina Alberino, an Independent Educator, Salon Management Consultant and Beauty Industry Advocate. The focus of Ms. Alberino’s presentation is to spotlight business practices that will elevate your brand, and attract conscious consumers.

Ms. Alberino will address the following topics:
  • Employee payment options that foster healthy conditions
  • How to avoid unintentional employee exploitation
  • Management best practices for employee retention
  • Healthy and transparent communication for staff and consumers

This timely event targeted towards salon owners and managers, is focused on helping industry professionals review their current business practices. Together we’ll identify areas that can be elevated to a higher standard along with strengths that can be celebrated and leveraged to showcase our incredible businesses.

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