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Navigate OSHA Standards with Industry Expert Doug Schoon


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Navigate OSHA Standards with Industry Expert Doug Schoon

Are you confused about salon safety? Are you struggling to understand the recent keratin smoothing controversy and how it may affect your salon? You are in good company. Let the Professional Beauty Association help you navigate these confusing issues with an informative and clarifying webinar. Led by industry expert Doug Schoon, this webinar will cover the following critical topics:

- Who and what is OSHA?

- Compliance requirements for salons

- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

- Formaldehyde controversy

- Top OSHA issues and violations within the salon

Doug Schoon, a leading research scientist and educator, will shed light on how these topics relate to salons and the professional beauty industry in terms we can all understand. Join us for the web event you've been waiting for!

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