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OSHA: "We're Here to Help"


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OSHA: "We're Here to Help"

Many beauty industry manufacturers and distributors have limited knowledge of which OSHA standards apply to their companies and how they can comply. Outside of the "keratin smoothing controversy," very few OSHA violations and standards have been widely discussed as they pertain to the beauty industry.

OSHA representative Sheila Hall joins PBA's Kelley McCarthy for an online discussion designed to illuminate OSHA's role and clarify your company's compliance expectations.

During this hour-long web event, Ms. Hall will share:

- highlights of what to look for in your facility

- which rules apply to your segment of the industry

- common violations

- and sources for comprehensive assistance

OSHA provides training, outreach and education- all designed to help companies and protect their workers. Take the first step toward compliance and watch this webcast today!

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