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Cosmetology Meets Psychology | A Web Training


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Cosmetology Meets Psychology | A Web Training

What business are you in? Before you answer that, think about how much time and energy you spend connecting with and counseling your clients vs. performing services on them. How many times have people told you, “You should be a psychologist”? When we step back and embrace the role we play in the lives of our clients, it clarifies the type of education we need in order to grow our interpersonal skills and, ultimately, our business.

Join Jay Williams, Global Education Director for the Psy-Cosmetology Practice, for a 45 minute, highly interactive web event that will help you:

  • Create relationships that last longer than your services
  • Build trust with your clients and colleagues
  • Increase your retention, rebooking, referrals and reviews
  • Reignite your significance, self-worth and sense of belonging
When you have the tools to blend the art of cosmetology with the science of psychology, your potential is boundless.

DOWNLOAD the presentation for this webinar.