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Salon Strategies | Planning & Preparing for the New Year


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Salon Strategies | Planning & Preparing for the New Year

Looking ahead to the New Year can be daunting for business owners… but it doesn’t have to be. Through reflection, goal setting and calculated planning, you can move into the New Year with confidence and excitement. Steve Gomez, Professional Development Manager and business coach for Milady joins the Professional Beauty Association to bring you a web event designed to guide you from the realities of 2014 and into the resounding potential of 2015. Whether you are a diligent planner or just making it through each day, you will benefit from addressing the following areas:

  • The benefits of year end reflection.
  • Employee performance assessment
  • Leadership development
  • Financial and operational goals
  • What tools are available to help me as I strive for better business in the year ahead?
Wouldn't you love if this year was your best year?

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