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Social Media for Shows


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Social Media for Shows

We all know social media drives traffic to your website… but what about driving traffic to your trade show booth? Learn how to leverage the power and reach of social media to generate excitement before the show, increase attendance during the show and then keep the conversation going after the show by integrating social media into your trade show marketing strategy. Learn how to develop a social media plan- including social site selection, media team building, specific goal setting and measuring success!

Marketing Savant’s Dana VanDen Heuvel joins PBA Online to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Successfully integrate social media into your trade show marketing strategy.
  • Determine which channels to use… and when.
  • Implement the latest social media strategies to support your trade show goals.
  • Learn from case studies how other exhibitors have used Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to drive booth traffic and increase lead generation.

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