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Strategic Planning for Distributors


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Strategic Planning for Distributors

As business owners, it's tempting to solely focus on "the now" and fail to build a strategic plan for your company's future. To address this issue, PBA is offering a 60 minute web event to help your company achieve best results through strategic planning. During this 60 minute webinar Brent Grover, author and distributor advisor, will answer the following critical questions regarding your company's plan:

  • Who's included in the strategic planning process?
  • How can you increase your plan's ultimate success?
  • How should you choose a strategic direction for your company?
  • How do you accurately assess the state of your business?
  • What's the best way to monitor execution results?

Listen today and start planning for tomorrow.

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This webinar presenter is an author who has published works in tandem with the National Association of Wholesale-Distributors (NAW). PBA members receive discounts on publications, education and business services offered through NAW .