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Transition in Style | From School to Salon


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Transition in Style | From School to Salon

Masters of the beauty industry, Winn Claybaugh, Steve Gomez and Damien Carney join forces in this webinar to provide inspiration, motivation and LIVE education to beauty school students and new professionals!

Join the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) for this online event that will help you transition from school to salon in style.

During this panel-based webinar students will hear directly from these industry giants and learn how to:
   -  Get noticed in school… and translate that into future opportunities
   -  Find your passion and avoid burnout
   -  Create a resume and portfolio that stands above the rest
   -  Prepare for interviews… with proven results
   -  Identify the salons, work environments and job descriptions that are made for you!
   -  Ensure your first job is the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling career

Live webinar attendees will have the chance to interact with and pose questions directly to our panelists.
Don’t miss this opportunity- your career will thank you!

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