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Who's Managing Your Salon's Online Reputation


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Who's Managing Your Salon's Online Reputation

Most business owners agonize over their online presence. “How can I rise to the top of a Google search?” “How can I make a great first impression to potential clients?” And, “how can I differentiate my salon or spa from the hundreds of others in my town and online?” Main Street Hub’s Andrew Glass is joining the Professional Beauty Association for a web tutorial designed to answer all these questions and more. This 45 minute webinar will address the following reputation management topics:

How businesses and individuals are discovered (Google search)

  • Customer reviews
  • Online presence
  • Online sharing
Yelp, Trip Advisor & Google plus
  • Empower vs. Ignore
  • Find your voice
Vetting reviews
  • Where to ask
  • Review volume
  • Star rating
Customer Service
  • Negative and positive feedback
  • What to do and why
  • Loyalty

Apply simple solutions and proven strategies to effectively improve your business’s online visibility and reputation.

Utilize Main Street Hub's FREE social media guide for small businesses.

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