NAHA Winners & Finalists Gallery

Contemporary Classic

(From left to right: 2014 Finalist Sonna Brado, 2013 Finalist Hope Doms, 2012 Winner Dimitrios Tsioumas, 2011 Finalist Timothy Switzer)

Classics never go out of style but can have many variations. With a tweak of an angle, a splash of color, or an updated finish, a classic is easily reinterpreted into today’s most current trends. Show off your skill with ready-to-wear styles in haircutting and finishing illustrating modern, commercial styles inspired by classic looks.

  • Iconic styles
  • Styles should be wearable
  • Styles should complement the individuality of the model
  • Entrants should focus on updating a very classic look


  • Three Final Images (no larger than 8MBs each)
  • Three Unedited Images (no larger than 8MBs each)
  • All images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Resolution of at least 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)
  • No smaller than 8” x 10”
  • Signed NAHA Photo Release Form
  • Three Models Used

Category Tips

  • Avoid full body shots unless relevant to your theme and artistic direction
  • Do not use Photoshop or similar software/programs to fill in or create hair in the final images
  • Do not use Photoshop or similar software/programs to “cut” the hair
  • Keep images simple. They should be “polished”, “clean” and executed with passion for your craft.
  • Interpret classic shapes with a fresh twist.
  • Do your research: after identifying the “classic look” you’re pursuing, ask yourself:
    o Why was this look so HOT?
    o What complimented this look?
    o Consider wardrobe, styling, make-up and hair color
    o How can I take this to the next level?

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