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Government Advocacy Resources is your source for information on cosmetics and personal care products-how they work, their safety, and the science behind their ingredients. Maintained by expert scientists, is a trusted site visited by millions each year. The Personal Care Products Council (the Council) and its member companies sponsor this Web site to provide consumers with easily accessible safety information about cosmetics and personal care products and to help educate the public. This Web site contains information about the safety, testing, and regulation of cosmetics and personal care products and their ingredients. The site is divided into two primary sections; safety information pages and an ingredient database.

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Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition

The Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition brings together the entire beauty industry — stylists, salon owners, manufacturers, distributors, publishers, students, and schools — to build a stronger industry.
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Government Affairs Committee

GA Committee Members

PBA Staff Liaison: Myra Y. Irizarry, PBA Director of Government Affairs


Oliver Steinnagel
Oliver's Hair Salon
Overland Park, KS

Daired Ogle
Daireds Salon and Spa Pangea
Arlington, TX

Serena Chreky
Andre Chreky the Salon Spa
Washington, D.C.

Joseph Kendy, Jr.
Kendy Law, LLC
New York, NY

Holly Vaught
K.Charles & Co.
San Antonio, TX

Frank Zona
Boston, MA

Kimberly Johnson
Aveda Institute Portland/Dosha Salon Spa
Portland, OR

Kollan Kolthoff
Independent Stylist
Coralville, IA

Edwin Neill
Neill Corporation
Hammond, LA

Healthcare Resources

2015 Affordable Care Act Update — Small Businesses

2015 Affordable Care Act Update — Midsize & Large Businesses

Nail Manufacturers Council on Safety Publications

The Nail Manufacturers Council on Safety (NMC), a subset of the Professional Beauty Association's manufacturer section, is made up of companies that produce nail care products. The NMC seeks to educate nail industry professionals and consumers about issues affecting nail care products and services.

For more information, please contact NMC Co-chairs Doug Schoon, at or Eric Schwartz, OPI Products Inc. at

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Voter Resources

Taking part in the democratic process is a privilege and your chance to make your voice heard. Find out more about voting in your state.

It's important that candidates running for office in your state know the importance of continuing occupational licensing of the beauty industry. Stay up to date on occupational licensing in the beauty industry and where candidates stand on the issue. Click here to learn more!