OMC Hairworld
PBA is the official U.S. representative to the Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (OMC)

What is Hairworld?

OMC Hairworld is a bi-annual global competition inviting the world’s most talented hairstylists to compete on creativity, skill and the ability to perform under pressure. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is the proud sponsor of OMC Hairworld Team USA. This highly competitive event, welcomes over 1,500 top hair, nail and make-up competitors from 50 countries Exhibits, stages and classrooms will also accompany the competition.

Amid the activities, the World Championships, the premier hairdressing competition in the world, will take center stage. This event, so grand it's called HairWorld, will showcase the best hairdressers from around the globe competing in timed, style challenges. Each contest tests the stylists' creativity, skill, and ability to perform under pressure, leading up to the final day when one competitor is named the World Champion. Competition categories include Hair, Nails and Makeup; Ladies and Gents; Technical and Fashion; and Senior and Junior (professionals and students under age 26).

In preparation for the three-day international showdown, Team USA will relentlessly train for months. The competitors who comprise the competition teams are highly focused, finessing the details of their styles in anticipation of show day. They all agree that there's nothing like the thrill of competing.

Top hairdressers from around the globe will gather in Seoul, Korea on March 27-29, 2016, for the OMC HairWorld Championships of Beauty.

The USA will be represented by five (5) teams in 2016:

- Senior Ladies’ Technical - Junior Ladies’ Technical
- Senior Ladies’ Fashion - Junior Ladies’ Fashion
- Senior Gents' Technical

Entering the OMC Hairworld Competitions

If you are interested in entering OMC Hairworld 2016 in Seoul, Korea use these helpful links to begin the entry process and better prepare you for the competition. Each competitor is required to fill out both a registration and release form.

Rules & Regulations
Registration Forms (required for competing)
Release Form (required for competing)

The deadline to register for OMC Hairworld 2016 is December 31, 2015.
Start the registration process today

Checks can be made out and mailed to:
Professional Beauty Association
15825 N. 71st Street, Ste. 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Prepare to compete with these helpful tips

Team USA Trainers
Team USA Trainers

Fashion Trainer (Senior Ladies & Junior Ladies): Dale Dees
Dale is regarded as one of the most recognized hairstylists in the world by appearing on NBC’s Today Show, the Style Network, Dancing with the Stars and much more. He has been on four USA Olympic hairstyling teams and served as the Fashion Team Trainer in 2010, 2012 and now 2015.

Technical Trainer (Senior Ladies & Junior Ladies): Manuel Rodriguez
Rodriguez is an OMC International Champion and brings his skills and expertise to team 2016. He is a Pivot Point Global Educator and a L.E.O. Award Winner and looks forward to helping Team USA 2016 bring home a win.
PBA 2016 USA Team
Senior Ladies’ Fashion Team:

Flora Linton: A four-time HairWorld Competitor, Flora has been in the industry for 25 years & devotes countless hours to her team and having a chance to represent the USA along with her sister, Tina is an honor and privilege.

Katherine Hankenhof: Katherine has been in the industry for six years and has been working tirelessly to hone her skills and prepare for HairWorld. She is thrilled and ready to represent the USA yet again and to be a part of such an amazing team.

Tina Kritsepis: Tina’s passion for competing began in 2001 and she is thrilled to be among fellow stylists for her second year competing, who share her passion for creative hairstyling.

Tangela Thomas: Tangela has been in the industry for six years and is honored at the chance to show the world her craft and passion for her career.

Senior Ladies’ Technical Team:

Haeji Park: A three-time USA competitor and 18-year industry veteran, Haeji loves competing in HairWorld so she can further develop her skills and have the opportunity to meet other stylists from around the globe.

Tatiana Kovanska: Tatiana has been a cosmetologist for 21 years and competed for Team USA for 3 years. She is honored to represent her country and compete for the first place title against the best in the industry.

Ksenia Kim:Ksenia started her career as a hairstylist in 2009 and since then has been able to participate in many different hairstyling competitions that include NAHA and OMC HairWorld.

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Former PBA USA Teams
PBA 2014 USA Teams

Senior Technical:

Haeji Park
Nataliya Ilkiv
Tatiana Kovanska
Elena Basmova
Trainer: Manuel Rodriguez

Senior Fashion:

Tina Kritsepis
Flora Linton
Katherine Hankenhof
Tangela Thomas
Trainer: Manuel Rodriguez

PBA 2012 USA Teams

Senior Ladies' Fashion Team:

Dale Dees, Orlando, FL - Team Trainer
Elena Basmova, Redmond, WA
Barbara Lawson, St. Petersburg, FL
Flora Linton, Tarpon Springs, FL

Senior Ladies' Technical Team:

Amanda Smoot, Manassas, VA - Team Trainer
Tatiana Kovanska, Santa Monica, CA
Haeji Park, Los Angeles, CA
Svitlana Vechera, Woodland Hills, CA

Junior Ladies' Fashion Team:

Manuel Rodriguez - Team Trainer
Kyleigh Banks, Chicago, IL
Maggie Bury, Chicago, IL
Nataliya Ilkiv, Chicago, IL
Kelly Jost, Glenview, IL

Junior Ladies' Technical Team:

Manuel Rodriguez - Team Trainer
Kyleigh Banks, Chicago, IL
Nataliya Ilkiv, Chicago, IL
Kelly Jost, Glenview, IL