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Membership FAQ

Please contact our Membership Team at or 480.455.3460 if you have additional questions.

General Membership Questions

Why do you need a unique email address for each member?

Your member benefits are aligned to the email address on your membership so it's very important to use an active email. Do not use a "fake" email address - if you do you won't get member pricing at events or have access to many other money saving benefits. Email is also the primary way the association communicates with our members so please don't unsubscribe!

How do I change my contact information with PBA?

Members can update their profile by logging onto our website at and click "login" in the upper right hand corner to access their account. Personal information can be updated by clicking the pencil icon under your current information on the left-hand side of your profile. Click the pencil and paper icon near the information you want to change, type over what is currently listed and click save.

Updates can also be made over the phone by calling the PBA Membership Team at 800.468.2274 or email

If my membership has lapsed, how can I reactivate it?

If your membership term has lapsed, you may reinstate it by renewing online at or by contacting the PBA Membership Team at 800.468.2274. If the lapse has been longer than 60 days after your expiration date your membership will be reinstated with a new original join date.

How do I upgrade my individual membership to a business membership?

PBA Membership Team directly at 480.455.3460 or email us at with your name, email address and contact information. Your current individual membership will be prorated and applied to the cost of the business membership.

Business Member Details

How do I update the Benefit Recipients (BR) tied to my Business Account?

Business members may update their Benefit Recipients within 30 days of renewing the membership. Once a BR has been added to the membership it cannot be changed until the next renewal period.

Companies may elect to not identify all of their BRs upon renewal. Open BR slots can be filled throughout the year but once an employee is added as a BR they cannot be removed until the next renewal period.

If the employee that is added as a BR leaves the company during the membership term, the Primary Contact can submit a written request to PBA asking for the employee/BR to be terminated from the account and identify a new employee/BR. Requests should be sent to

Member Status Inquiries

I joined as an E-Member, but my status says I do not receive benefits. Why?

The E-member category is a complimentary electronic membership for one person that brings awareness of benefits available through paid membership. As an E-member of PBA you will gain access to industry resources that will help you advance your career.

Online Profile and Shopping Cart

How do I purchase and access a downloadable product from the online store?

For directions on how to purchase and open the product you obtain through the online store, please follow these guidelines.

Member Resources and Benefits

Does membership provide insurance?

PBA does not underwrite or provide insurance as part of membership, but provides access to medical, dental, vision, & salon liability insurance through our partners. Please visit the PBA Insurance Marketplace to learn more.

Event and Education Discounts

I just joined, why am I not getting my discount to IBS/IECSC?

Please allow 48 hours for the admission discount to be activated. PBA discount is not available for IECSC Chicago and not extended onsite. If you continue to experience issues with IBS/IECSC registration, please contact the show directly at 877.398.6940.

I'm registering for IBS/IECSC and it is asking for my member number. Where is this located and is it required?

PBA membership is email driven in order to access benefits; therefore, all you will need is the email address associated with your membership and not both to receive the member discount. Member numbers are only listed on your membership card and for internal use only.

Does membership include any free events?

Member benefits do not include free tickets to industry events, but you can save up to 50% off the cost of admission and receive these perks at PBA Signature events such as ISSE and Beauty Week:

  • Access to the PBA Member Lounge
  • Participate in the money saving Member-to-Member Program at ISSE Long Beach
  • Discounts of up to 50% off on paid education classes at ISSE Long Beach

Paid Membership must be current when you purchase admission to the show to take advantage of member pricing. Onsite member benefits are only extended to members that are current as of the date of the show; therefore, we encourage you to renew your membership for the year to enjoy all of the benefits listed above. Click here to learn more about event discounts.

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