PBA's Hairstyling Competitions at Premiere Orlando
Whether you are a student, just starting out, or a seasoned professional,
PBA hosts the competitions to show your skill and gain industry prestige.

PBA Competitions at Premiere Orlando

Break away from the pack and distinguish yourself from the rest. PBA's 2014 Hairstyling competitions for Juniors and Seniors at Premiere Orlando took place on Sunday, June 1st and Monday, June 2nd in the Orange County Convention Center. Check out the results below!


NAHA quality work is heading to Premiere Orlando! This new competition category will be judged utilizing the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) judging and will feature visionary work in expressive, cutting-edge hair.

2014 PBA Hairstyling Competition results:

2013 PBA Hairstyling Competition results:

2012 PBA Hairstyling Competition results: