Despite industry efforts, California Senate Bill 999 passed the State Senate and will move on to the State Assembly Business and Professions Committee. SB 999 will fully deregulate the need for professionals to possess a service-specific license and formal training to provide certain cosmetology services (including washing, styling, and cutting hair, etc.) and barbering services (including shaving and trimming beard hair, giving facial and scalp massages, etc.) respectively. The Professional Beauty Association is actively working to oppose this bill, and urging California industry members to take action.

Currently, the California Barbering and Cosmetology Act “makes it unlawful for any person to engage in barbering or cosmetology… without a license.” The latest version of the bill would remove the practices of shampooing, arranging, dressing, curling and waving hair from the licensed practices of barbering and cosmetology and would require any person who practices cosmetology or barbering services to notify consumers of his or her licensure status before performing any service. [According to]

The bill would remove the practice of hairstyling of all textures of hair by standard methods that are current at the time of the hairstyling from the practice of barbering. The bill would also remove the practice of cleansing or beautifying the hair of any person from the practice of cosmetology.

SB 999 fails to recognize the value of cosmetology licenses and the safety that licenses provide professionals and their clients in California. Act today to protect California cosmetology and barbering licensure. Visit to help defend California licenses!

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