Jack Storey_2008_2“It’s so important for all of us in our industry to make that commitment to constantly give back.”

Born on September 20, 1938, Jack Storey, age 79, passed away in Payson, Arizona on April 10, 2018. Jack, the co-founder of Scruples Professional Salon Products, Inc., LaMaur Marketing Director and member of the Professional Beauty Association’s Manufacturer Leadership Council from 2005-2008, will be remembered for his outstanding service and contributions to the beauty industry. He was recognized in 2008 with his induction to the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) Hall of Leaders.

We thank Jack for his commitment to PBA, the industry, and his dedication to growing our profession. He will be deeply missed by many and contributed so much to our lives.  Immensely kind and a tireless worker, Jack provided hairdressers the essential tools and resources needed to boost their success in the industry. In his early years, Jack graduated from North High School in Omaha, Nebraska in 1956 and joined the United States Marine Corps in 1957. His path to the beauty industry began in 1962 when he received a certificate from the State of Nebraska Cosmetology School and then a Marketing degree from the University of Minnesota.

 “There are many great memories from over the years when I think about Jack, but what sticks with me most is that you always had a sense that he was present in the moment and that the conversation you were having with him was authentic and important. He was so easygoing, humble and just well grounded. It’s something we can all try to emulate more and learn from.” PBA Executive Director Steve Sleeper

Jack’s legacy lives on through the Jack Storey Foundation, his wife, Lee Anne Storey; Jacke Michael Christophre (son), John Jeffrey Storey (son) and Colleen Storey (wife), James Michael Storey (son) and Azl Storey (wife), Timothy Xain David Storey (son); Joshua Jeffrey Storey (grandson), Danielle Colleen Storey (granddaughter), Dale Gene Storey (brother) and Michelle Storey (wife); and many other family members and friends.

Thank you for everything, Jack!