October marks National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is asking for your help to spread the word about CUT IT OUT ®, a program that unites salon owners against domestic violence. Each October, PBA encourages salon owners to “Give the Power Back” to victims of abuse by hosting a CUT IT OUT ® Fundraising and Awareness Drive. For 2014, the goal is to have 1,000 new salons get involved with CUT IT OUT ® and participate in the “Give the Power Back” Drive.

Please help us meet this goal by posting the following to your social media sites or adjust the copy as you see fit. Don’t forget to include #CUTITOUT, #PBA and #GiveThePowerBack. If you have any questions please contact Blaire Ritter at 702.567.0399 or britter@yccagency.com and thank you again for your support.

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Get involved with PBA’s #CUTITOUT program! Join thousands of beauty professionals in the Give the Power Back Drive this October by hosting your own fundraiser to put an end to domestic violence. For fundraising ideas and more about CIO, visit probeauty.org/cutitout.

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Get involved w/ PBA’s #CUTITOUT! Join thousands of beauty pros uniting against domestic abuse! Help save a life, probeauty.org/cutitout