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Adding Benefit Recipients to your Business Membership

PBA Business Membership provides full benefits to multiple individuals. The Primary Contact for the membership is the person that manages the membership record for the Member Company. An employee that is tied to the company's member record - and is identified as an individual that receives member benefits - is known as a Benefit Recipient.

The Primary Contact for the Member Company is responsible for identifying the company's Benefit Recipients. Once a company joins PBA, the Primary Contact needs to provide the names and contact information of the company's employees (Benefit Recipients) that will be elected to receive member benefits from the association. This can be done via the "My Account" section on the PBA website or by calling the PBA Membership Team at 800.468.2274. Please note each Benefit Recipient must have a unique email. Instructions on adding Benefit Recipients can be downloaded here.

Corporate Logo

PBA receives many requests for our logo from various organizations. To protect our brand, our logo usage guidelines are included for your reference. If you are a PBA member, please use the PBA Member Logo as reference in the section below.

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PBA Member Logo

Promote your PBA membership by using the PBA Member Logo. Displaying the PBA Member Logo communicates your dedication to the association's mission. PBA encourages members to post the PBA Member Logo on their company website and use it on company-related resources such as newsletters, catalogs, business cards and advertisements.
Current PBA members who are in good standing can request an electronic version of the PBA Member Logo by contacting

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PBA Members in the News! If you're a PBA member who's been featured in a newspaper, magazine, television story or online resource, or would like to contribute and article to PBA Progress, click here to send us your information.

Code of Ethics

PBA encourages you to Take the Pledge to ensure and promote integrity in the professional beauty industry. PBA expects all members to abide by the standards which are reflected in the Codes of Ethical Practices for each of our membership sections. In addition to the Codes of Ethical Practices, PBA endorses and advocates Best Practices to ensure that Licensed Professionals and Salon/Spa section members achieve the highest levels of success and represent the professional beauty industry in a positive manner.

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PBA offers a free membership opportunity for ALL industry professionals. Join PBA as an E-member for no cost. Simply complete a profile on the PBA Website today and start receiving valuable industry information directly from the association.

PBA Business Members are encouraged to share their staff rosters with PBA so all of your employees can become aware of and engaged with PBA. Send rosters to, and include the following information each in a separate column: First name, Last name, title, address, phone and email. Please note that a unique email address is required to differentiate accounts in the database.

Need more information on how to take full advantage of your membership? Contact the PBA Membership Team at or call 800.468.2274.