PBA Member Recognition

Honoring PBA members and thanking association volunteers.


PBA encourages industry professionals to join PBA and take an active role in the association. Each membership section is represented by an elected Advisory Council that takes an active role in the development of association programs and initiatives. For more information on Advisory Council members and how to get involved, click here.

PBA's Board of Directors oversees budgeting, endorsement of legislation, strategic planning and industry-wide issues. For more information on your PBA Board Members, click here.

Lifetime Membership Program

Thank you Lifetime Members!

Passion, dedication and knowledge are truly some of the main driving forces behind beauty professionals of any age. To show sincere appreciation, PBA honors those individuals who have dedicated the majority of their lives to the advancement of the beauty industry through the Lifetime Member Program. This program recognizes and rewards loyal individual section members with 50+ consecutive years of membership with a complimentary PBA Lifetime Member membership.

Lifetime Membership status is extended to active members with 50+ years of consecutive Beauty Professional/NCA membership and is renewable annually without any association dues, while maintaining full access to membership benefits.

In addition to the complimentary PBA Lifetime Membership, Lifetime Members receive a certificate, congratulatory letter from the Membership Committee Chair and a lapel pin to proudly display their achievement.

Please contact for more information about the PBA Lifetime Member Program.