PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship Terms, Conditions and Eligibility Rules

  • 1. Scholarship. A minimum of five (5) $1,000 scholarships will be awarded annually. If selected recipients utilize less than $1,000 in scholarship funds, PBA may award more than five annual scholarships if funds allow. Scholarship requests may include travel expenses representing up to 40% of total amount requested. Any unused PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship funds will carry forward to the next annual scholarship period. Scholarship funds are managed by the PBA Foundation.
  • 2. Recipient Eligibility. The scholarship recipient must be at least 18 years of age and a PBA member in good standing at the times of scholarship application and award, and must be an individual Student, First Year Professional, or Beauty Professional member of PBA. The scholarship will be forfeited if: 1) the recipient fails to begin an eligible education program in the calendar year of the award; and/or 2) the recipient cannot be notified or fails to respond to the award notification; 3) the recipient fails to return the scholarship acceptance form within the time specified; and/or 4) the recipient fails to submit proof of costs and expenses as required.
  • 3. Application. Scholarship applicants must review these PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship Terms, Conditions and Eligibility Rules and complete the online application linked at in full by the due date. All applications become the property of PBA.
  • 4. Eligible Education Programs. Recognized cosmetology schools, advanced academy education classes, manufacturer education programs, business education courses and other established professional beauty industry education programs are eligible as qualified education under the PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship. PBA Foundation is the sole entity that will determine the education program’s qualification.
  • 5. Selection of Scholarship Recipients. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the PBA Beauty Professional/NCA Section Advisory Council, or a committee of the council as appointed by the Section President.
  • 6. Disbursement of Scholarship Funds. Proof of costs and expenses will be required. Generally, funds will be paid directly on behalf of the student to the qualified cosmetology school, and qualified continuing education and travel expenses will be reimbursed directly to the PBA member unless other arrangements are negotiated with PBA/PBA Foundation. Disbursement will occur within sixty (60) days of receipt of complete documentation.
  • 7. Interpretation of Rules. PBA is the sole interpreter of the Lifetime Member Scholarship terms, conditions and eligibility rules. By participating, applicants agree to be bound by these rules and all decisions by PBA are final.
  • 8. Conditions. Scholarships are subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and void where prohibited or restricted by law. Recipient is solely responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of the award. PBA at its sole discretion may modify or suspend the scholarship program and/or may void any entries that do not comply with terms, conditions and eligibility. All entries become the property of PBA and will not be returned. PBA is not responsible for internet conditions that result in failed or incomplete applications or related equipment failures or technical malfunctions. PBA will communicate with scholarship recipient to determine program benefit/outcome and obtain program feedback. All scholarship award decisions made by PBA are final.
  • 9. Nonexclusive License. Scholarship applicant grants PBA a nonexclusive license to utilize member name, city/state and essay information submitted in scholarship application for PBA member recognition, education, promotion and publicity purposes and agrees to share, or participate in, photographs for publicity purposes.
  • 10. Scholarship Program Contact. For additional information, contact: Rachel Molepske,, (480) 455-3453, Professional Beauty Association, 15825 N. 71st St., Suite 100, Scottsdale AZ 85254.